4 fun and creative ideas for your wedding

8 February 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

If you are currently planning your wedding, you might find that due to the fun personalities of you and your future spouse, you don't want a completely traditional wedding. Here are some interesting and creative things you can do to mix it up and have something new at your wedding's function venue.

Get a Photo Booth

A popular option for weddings is now to have a photo booth. This does not replace your wedding photographer, but it provides a fun activity for your guests. There are many party planning companies that offer the equipment you need for the booth. You can choose different backdrops and fun props to place in the booth. From fake mustaches to paper crowns, there are many ways to make them fun. Plus, you get to see how much fun your guests had, even when you were a bit distracted with your wedding.

Have a Candy Buffet

Another great thing to have at your wedding is a candy buffet. This provides sweet treats for your guests aside from the wedding cake you might not have cut yet. At the reception, guests can choose one of the treat bags and start filling it with different candies. There may be packaged candy, tins of butterscotch, or tall glass containers filled with chocolates, homemade chocolate-covered strawberries, or pretzel rods. There are many ways to create a fun and beautiful candy buffet for your wedding.

Choose Cupcakes Instead of a Cake

If you want to get away from the tradition of having a multi-tiered wedding cake, why not have cupcakes instead? There are many reasons to choose cupcakes. First of all, they are fun to have and don't require cutting the cake and having someone handing out slices all night. Guests can choose a cupcake at their leisure without waiting for it. You can still have a small cake baked for you and your spouse if you still want that cutting tradition, but provide a layered display of cupcakes for the guests.

Have Karaoke at the Reception

Instead of going with a DJ or a band, why not allow your guests to provide the music? You can set up a karaoke machine on the stage and have guests take turns singing their favorite songs. Before the wedding, ask some loved ones you know have good voices to sing your wedding songs, such as when you have your couple's first dance or father-daughter dance. The rest of reception you can let guests choose whatever they want to sing.