Here's How You Handle Food Issues at a Large Party

14 March 2016
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Parties are a good way to mark special events and achievements such as birthdays and workplace promotions. If you have a reason to hold one, it is important for you to get all the details right. Parties can be a mess if they are not well managed. Particularly, parties with many guests can be difficult if you do not have a coordinated plan for the main activities such as preparing and serving food. Most people are very sensitive when it comes to food, which is the reason you should be keen when handling the food you will serve to your guests. If you are hosting a party, here are a few things you should know when dealing with food:

Mark the Food Preparation Area to Limit Access by Guests

To minimise distraction and interference in the food preparation area, use curtains, screens, or soft ropes to demarcate it from the other sections of the venue. This will catch the attention of the visitors as a restricted area and help you to keep them from the kitchen. First, the people in charge of preparing food will have an easier time because of minimal interference, which will enable you to serve the guests in good time as planned. Secondly, the kitchen will remain clean, reducing the chances of food contamination.

Unexpected Guests

Unless the party you are holding is exclusively for "invites only", you should anticipate some uninvited guests. People will tag along with their friends and partners. The most prudent thing to do is to have some contingency budget allocation for buying some additional food for those who have come to attend the party. As the guests come in, keep a headcount so that you are aware of any additional guests that you had not budgeted for. Relay this information to the person in-charge of the kitchen so that they can make necessary adjustments to the way they serve the starter foods. Essentially, a headcount of the arriving guests will help you know if you will need to use the surplus food you bought or not.


First, provide a special room for mothers with very young children so that they can breastfeed their children or give them special food they brought from home. Preferably, serve the other children in a separate area, and earlier than the other guests at the party. Do not keep children waiting too long for food for the same duration as the adults are. 

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