Swimming Pool Construction Ideas to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Begins

14 March 2016
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

If you're having a new swimming pool constructed on your property, why not take the opportunity to discuss some great design ideas with your contractor before work begins? There's no reason to settle for a boring, plain concrete pool, and it may be easier and more cost-effective to add certain features to your pool before it's constructed than after work is done. Note a few ideas you might bring up with your contractor while plans are still being made.

1. Waterfall

A backyard pool doesn't need a large waterfall to be an attractive oasis, but often a small structure can be built next to the pool that simply circulates the water through a pressurized faucet. Not only can this mean a more enjoyable swimming experience but it may also keep the water cleaner, as this circulation means more oxygen and the potential to add a second filter to the pool system.

2. Infinity pool

An infinity pool is one that appears to be missing a side, as the water cascades over this side and is then caught in a reservoir area underneath, to be circulated back into the pool. An infinity pool offers a very nice, unobstructed view of the area around it and can make your pool seem larger. If your pool is being built above ground at all, ask about adding this infinity feature on one side for a more eye-catching look.

3. Trees and landscaping

Adding tall palm trees or other landscaping around your pool can provide shade from the sun and privacy from the neighbors, and also create a more natural, welcoming look. However, it can be good to discuss this landscaping with your pool contractor as the roots of certain trees or shrubbery may cause damage to a concrete pool. If you incorporate the landscaping into your pool design before work begins, your contractor can ensure that everything is placed where it's needed to protect the pool from this potential damage.

4. Aggregates

Aggregates are elements that are mixed with concrete to give it a bumpier texture or to add some eye-catching color. You might have aggregates added to reduce the risk of slipping on smooth concrete, or choose blue aggregate to make the water look blue or a smooth glass aggregate to make the pool surface look brighter. This can enhance the overall design of your pool and even make the surface of the concrete more comfortable under your feet.

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