Considerations When Opting For Marquee Hire For a Beachside Event

15 March 2016
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If you plan to host a beach event, one of the most important factors to consider is shelter for your guests. Always keep in mind that no two days at the beach are the same. As such, you should be prepared for gales of wind, tides and more that will contribute to the sea vista that will be a backdrop for your event. One of the best options to choose for your event shelter would be a marquee. If you are planning to hire a marquee, it is not simply about selecting the first one you come across. Here are some of the considerations to have when opting for marquee hire for a beachside event.

Consider the visibility of the sea views

If you are opting for a beachside event, undoubtedly one of the reasons is because of the amazing views that it will offer for your event. As such, it would not be advisable to hire a marquee that will not allow your guests to enjoy these views while the event is underway. One common option that people tend to choose are the pagoda-type marquees. These have high roofs and do not have any side covers. However, the beach can become quite windy. Hence, a pagoda style marquee is more likely to keep your guests uncomfortable in the event that high gales of wind arise.

Instead, you should opt for a frame marquee. These types of marquees can either come with windows or be entirely clear. This allows your guests to have unobstructed views of the venue that you have chosen. Additionally, if it becomes too warm inside the frame marquee, you can opt to have one of the sides rolled up to let in a sea breeze to cool your guests.

Consider the size of the marquee

Marquees will come in an array of sizes, ensuring that your needs can be met no matter how many people you are hosting. However, one common mistake people make is opting for smaller marquees in an attempt shelter their guests without having to spend a lot of money. The truth of the matter, though, is that trying to scrimp on space with your marquees will only lead to your guests feeling suffocated and congested.

If you foresee a large turnout for the event, you might be better off hiring a Bedouin-style marquee that can span a significant area. This way, there will always be room for your guests to move about during the event. Additionally, keeping your guests under one marquee also ensures that you can catch their attention easily.