Things to Consider When Hiring a Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

23 March 2016
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When planning an outdoor wedding reception, there are a lot of things you need to think about. You need to make sure all the guests can get there comfortably, that there's entertainment, and that there's something for everyone to eat. However, the most important thing when hosting an outdoor wedding reception is the tent. This is where the guests are going to spend most of their time and it's also where you'll plan most of the events that are planned to take place during the evening. To make sure you get the perfect tent from your party hire firm, there are a few things you should consider.


The most important thing to consider when evaluating what type of party tent you want is the weather. If it's likely to be sunny outside, you probably want to go for the highest tent. More space by the roof of the tent lets the air circulate easier and thus cools it down without any additional equipment. If the prognosis says that it's going to rain, you need to get a tent that is waterproof and also is designed in a way that water doesn't gather on top of it, creating puddles that can break the fabric of the tent or that could cause water to seep through and make the guests wet.

Type of tent

Another important thing to consider is what type of tent you want. The most common types are pole tents and frame tents. Pole tents tend to be more popular for weddings, as the poles holding the fabric up creates peaks that the fabric drapes around, making them more aesthetically pleasing. Frame tents aren't as beautiful, but hold the particular advantage that they can be put on any type of surface. They are also preferable if you wish to have a dance floor inside the tent, as pole tents have poles set in the middle of the tents, which can obstruct the way for the people moving around in them.


It's also important to consider what type of floor you wish your tent to have. Some people only set up the tent on the ground just as it is. This could be an option if the days leading up to the wedding are dry and the ground isn't too soft to begin with. It is, however, something you need to inform your guests about, as they should avoid wearing high heels. If your budget allows it, a temporary wooden floor can be set up in most tents. You should, however, refrain from hiring a round tent if you want a wooden floor, as it's more difficult to install in that shape.