Entertainment Options Are Changing in the Hospitality Industry. Are You Ready?

11 September 2018
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

In the 'seventies, roadside hotels would proudly advertise that they had "HBO" as a feature in all of their rooms, in order to attract weary travellers. This was part of the cable revolution that was only a passing trend in the entertainment industry and is now largely redundant. Instead, travellers need to know that they can "BYOD" to a particular property and take advantage of their ever-present communications tool. If you're in the hospitality business and want to carve out some additional revenue, why do you need to wholeheartedly embrace this trend?

Married to the Device

People are now more connected than ever to their smart device and won't leave their home without it. When they travel, they want to refer to this device as much as possible so that they can keep in touch with the rest of the world. This means that they will often overlook traditional methods of entertainment provided by hotels and resorts in favour of something that can be generated through their own device.

New Opportunities

This presents a number of opportunities to a hotelier and one of which is the potential cost saving. They may not need to focus on the latest products and can instead bring in entertainment solutions that can easily interact with an independent device.

Intuitive Connection

At the least, each room will need to have a high-quality screen that can mirror any third-party devices without too much "fiddling." Guests may want to catch up with their favourite YouTube channel, and you will need to have a robust Wi-Fi setup in each room that does not require a manual to operate.

Individual Experiences

Alternatively, you can cater to those guests who simply want to watch content on their device rather than through any big screen. They may be used to gaming at close-up range while lying on the bed and don't need to worry about any big screen experience. You may be able to tempt them into new games or activities that they can access very easily using their device, but which may be unique to your property. In doing so, you may be able to create a USP to keep loyal guests coming back for more.

Keeping on Top of the Game

Always ensure that your property-specific offerings are cutting-edge and feature the latest technology. After all, people are increasingly tech-savvy and will not settle for second best, especially when it comes to their all-important communications device.